Why are SSDs better than HDDs?

In principle, HDDs read and write data from spinning disk platters, which must be powered on and off while data is being processed, while SSDs store data in smaller integrated circuits that do not use spinning disks . It’s about performance, it’s important.

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SSDs without the constraints of spinning disks can be as small as postage stamps and can have different storage capacities, both of which make SSDs more flexible for use in small devices such as mobile phones or wireless cameras. Also, since there are no disks for data access, SSDs don’t require much energy or time to boot and process data. Therefore, they consume less power. This also reduces heat dissipation, which reduces bottlenecks when storing data.

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However, SSDs are still relatively more expensive today. HDDs are still a cost-effective option for some devices. However, in the long run, the cost difference may not be that big for enterprise SSD manufacturers. Market price information shows that the total cost difference between the two storage products used in the data center is small. As of mid-2020, the HDD replacement rate is about 15%, and the price gap is about 9 times.

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In addition, the lower power consumption of SSD (60% lower than HDD) is very valuable for environmental protection. If every data center in the world used SSDs, global CO2 emissions would be greatly reduced.

Overall, better management of the energy used to process data will become more important as more connected products and more online services become mainstream.

Based on these advantages, I believe that in the future, everyone will prefer to choose solid-state drives. In order to bring users faster speed and better experience, Topdisk is also constantly innovating and optimizing products.Our SSD products come in a variety of capacities with fast read and write speeds. For example, PCIe, the read speed is as high as 2000MB/s.

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